Why choose a career in IT support?

IT support is an underestimated, highly accessible and professionally rewarding industry. Yet, a lot of younger jobseekers don’t consider a career possibility, assuming that the IT support area is the wrong way into a progressively booming industry.

Of course, the IT world is rich in variety; therefore the more glamourous and more publicised roles take the favour of younger professionals and computing graduates, i.e product architects, iPhone developers, and so forth.

However, it is a common misconception that IT support is just the mindless pushing buttons on other people’s computers.

Suits logically minded people

Working in IT support can provide rationally minded professionals with intellectually challenging problems to solve. People who are happy to consume an issue, whether in-house or client-based, and explain the solution in its simplest form will do very well in this area.

Your use of logic can also help optimise key IT processes that are implemented by tech firms in order to improve the efficiency of their entire workforce.

Accessible with few qualifications

Youngsters who are worried that their lack of qualifications may inhibit their career should consider looking at the various IT training courses made accessible to those with only basic GCSEs, which include various BTECs, Diplomas, and Certificates.

There are lots of opportunities to learn-as-you-work within the IT support industry, and will be essential to your professional development as new technologies are released.

Develop translatable skills

Working in IT support can have excellent repercussions for you the further you get down the career path. For one, the skills that you develop are currently required across the world, and will be for the foreseeable future, making you particularly valuable in a world that’s getting increasingly smaller.

Your knowledge as an IT support professional will also translate to other areas of the IT industry, including areas such as systems administration, programming and development, IT sales, and can help create a path towards more prestigious roles across larger companies.

Good salary expectations

Pay across the UK IT support industry is very healthy, with entry level salaries currently ranging from £15,000pa to £21,000pa depending on location. Most IT support professionals with 10+ years of experience will earn something north of £45,000pa.

Your knowledge has other benefits

As well as the above, working in IT support has various other, and potentially unforeseen, benefits out of your work environment.

Your job will enable you to have excellent working knowledge of latest technologies and devices – which you can benefit from in social environments, as well as having the privilege of road testing technologies that the general public don’t have access to yet.

IT support largely involves working standard office hours, meaning more away time from work compared to other areas of the IT industry – especially the more stressful project focussed roles.

Your knowledge of computers and mobile technology is likely to save you a lot of money at home as it’s likely you’ll be able to fix any technology issues that you and your family are having (as well as saving you from a few headaches!).