Why Mendix?



Mendix have developed a platform which enables rapid application development. The platform has the ability build, manage and deploy both web and mobile apps very quick and almost effortlessly whilst still delivering the same results if not better than other development models. The other benefit that the Mendix platform has is that due to rapid development tools that sit within, it prioritizes speed and agility turning the typical turnaround of months or years for a new application into weeks, even days!

Businesses are forever changing and bringing on new, advanced technologies which is why the ability to be able to adapt and change an app within a couple of hours is a necessity. According to research conducted by Mendix, “71% of IT teams are behind, unable to keep pace with growing needs. Additionally, 65% say that the turnaround expected by the business for custom development projects is shrinking.”

The thing is, Mendix is a little like marmite; you either love it or you hate it. For those, very developed and skilled consultants it may not be right however for a Business Analyst with a heart for technology it could be. (But surely bringing the business and IT together is more beneficial anyway?) This is purely because of the low-code and model-driven development approach that Mendix adopt which uses visual models to define data models, application and process logic, user interfaces etc. This approach to development empower developers as well as more business focused employees to build apps. For example, Capgemini conducted a study which showed that model-drive development took only 2.5 hours per function point compared to 10.6 hours for Java and a massive 15.5 hours for C#.

In addition to the visual modelling functionality that the Mendix platform adopts, users have access to the developer’s community, which includes an app store which holds thousands of widgets, templates and components developed by other people in the community that are able to be used by everyone.

Back in 2009 Mendix was awarded Cool Vendor by Gartner, a reputable title for an innovative technology. This year, Forrester research has ranked Mendix as a Leader in “The Forrester Wave: Low Code Development Platforms, Q2 2016” being the fastest way to turn ideas into an application. Not forgetting the recognition that Mendix gets for its extensive use of declarative tooling, generous free-access program and Cloud Foundry platform base.