Why should candidates use a recruiter?

When it comes to job hunting, finding and applying for that “dream job”, it can be a challenge. You’re working (working hard), in a full time role and getting out into the market to look for something new is restricted to a few button clicks on LinkedIn and Job Boards ending up at the mercy of being judged on how good your CV looks.

You may know where the best places are to look, only to discover it days after the deadlines passed.

If you've never used a specialist recruiter before, ask yourself - why not? Doing so could be the most efficient move you'll ever make in the process of seeking out a new line of work, opening up a wide range of possibilities that you might otherwise not have access to.

Specialist recruiters are around to help people looking for a career change, into a new career path. Like you, we also have to be very selective of who we work with, but for the people who are looking for a career move for the right reasons, we’re able to do all the pro-active work, whist you concentrate on what you do best… developing!

Here are some of the main reasons why using a specialist recruiter like us can give you an advantage when searching for your next career move

Believe it or now, they’re well connected

Specialist recruiters will have a defined market or technical specialism that they focus on, over a month we connect and speak with hundreds of people both looking for a job and looking to grow their teams/projects. Good specialist recruiters, like well networked developers, understand how the market is moving and are able to advise both sides on who and what they need to make sure new innovative products are able to be created.

We know when people will be starting and ending projects and what that “dream” move looks like so when the opportunity presents itself, we’re able to react and get you in there!

Imagine having the chance to speak with over 100 CTO’s and 100 Top level developers every month, think of the knowledge and network of opportunities you’d have available to you. Now you’re starting to get an understanding of what a specialist recruiter can offer you.

We'll save you time

Specialists don’t work with Job Descriptions, actually what we look for is a meeting or briefing with the hiring manager directly and we’re able to identify which positions will be right for you.

This level of relationship with our clients, enables us to sift through the volumes of jobs available in the market and present the best of the bunch to you based on or discussions.

We’re also able to tailor your CV to suit the application process and also enable you to showcase the best and most relevant experience. Application forms can take hours to complete, while tailoring your CV to every individual post at such an early stage of the process can be tedious. However, working with a specialist consultant will reduce the time spent and give you the best chance to get past the screening and give you your chance to shine!

We genuinely want to help you

It's in our best interest to find the best candidates for the job and not just fit you into the job available. We have to maintain our networks with both our clients and developers, looking for long lasting relationships that will last for years to come. We all know that someone who was once looking for a job, could very quickly be looking to build teams, so we are here to help and with organisations to create a long-lasting relationship that leaves everyone happy. This way, our clients keep coming back to us when they have a need.

Try it out

We know we’re in an industry with the good, bad and ugly, but who isn’t. However with those who have good partnerships, you’ll hear nothing but praise for the recruitment company and their staff (normally you’ll find recommendations on LinkedIn and on their website), you’ve really got nothing to lose by trying it out. If you find a good specialist, with a good market knowledge, client base and reputation, I promise you won’t look back!