Wii Tvii: The Best Addition to the TV Since the Remote?

By Ashley Campbell.

I must admit the launch of Wii Tvii slipped under my radar and had to do a lot of last-minute Google and YouTube searches to get the latest on everything but I must say on the surface this looks like a brilliant addition to the home.

The Wii U as a console I’m unsure about, it seems innovative enough but with that said there’s nothing groundbreaking as far as gaming is concerned, not like it’s predecessor the Wii brought to the table. (I have always been a Nintendo fan with the first console I ever played was the NES, and the SNES as the first console I owned followed by the N64 (I might add may well be my favourite console of all time). The Gamecube and Wii have since been consoles in my household but they weren’t mine, I opted for the Xbox, followed by the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.)

With the gaming aspect to the side though, Wii Tvii looks simply brilliant. An in TV experience which allows you to browse your favourite shows and episodes, then select the service (from Netflix to live TV) which is available to present that to you as you demand it.

On top of that the service extends for every user profile on the console, meaning no generic shows on the favourites list.

Another thing I like about this is how the screens are customised to how a user would want to see things.

A good example is the sports section of Wii Tvii:


A very clean layout which presents the scores how you’d expect to see it on the dash of any app provided by ESPN, Sky Sports etc.

It’s worth mentioning that Wii Tvii runs exclusively on the controller, so your show that is playing is undisturbed while you browse for an alternative.

Lastly there is a social aspect to Wii Tvii in that you can see the shows that your friends are watching as well. Without using this hands on I’ll assume that this aspect is nowhere near at the level of Zeebox, but this is a small part of what is so much more than social television.

So while the jury is still out on the Wii U as a console, it’s safe to say that the extras are ticking some good boxes. The problem is that if the gaming experience isn’t up to par (as let’s not forget that this is still a games console and why it’ll be bought in the first place), then this may be one of the best services that never gets used by the masses.


Taken from: http://ashdigitalupdates.wordpress.com/