Forbidden Tech

Case Study

The Requirement

Forbidden Tech., a start up in the mobile application / digital space, had a requirement for Vertex to support their development of the Android side of a mobile application in order for them to launch their application on both iOS and Android simultaneously.

The Solution

Vertex Solutions engaged our partner business, Vertex Agility, in order to provide this parcel of work. Our CTO initially went through a full requirement gathering process in order to firm up the technical brief from the client. A team of Android developers were assigned to the project. Vertex Solutions were able to supply and engage this talent. The development team were based globally and so the Project Management was completed using an Agile/Scrum process applied to the “virtual team”.

The Result

The Application was built successfully during the given 3 month time window.

The Verdict

"We used Vertex Agility to help us to extend the alpha version of our 'eva' Android consumer application, based on the Forbidden cloud video and social platforms, and deliver the final beta stage app. Vertex Agility were able to work from video screencasts of the developing iOS version of the app and, using verbal and email communication and with only the API specifications formally documented, were able to manage and develop the beta app, working completely offsite from Forbidden's premises. Vertex Agility, executed and managed the development to deliver on time and to high quality and a smooth handover to integration, allowing us to focus on developing the app experience on IOS." CTO

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