Tier 1 Bank

Tier 1 Bank

The Requirement

To build/create a team of java web service engineers for a flagship cutting edge real-time missions critical web application allowing finance customers to have multiple accounts. Articulate and smart engineers only with agile, tdd experience on high traffic apps.

The Solution

Brought together a trio dream team that worked for us at Sony, similar tech stack and of course high traffic with lots of data. Arranged and helped with relocation, co-ordinated 3 interviews on the same day and secured contracts that evening. Sony had given glowing references on all 3 engineers, good team players and an eye for clean code and attention to detail.

The Result

Of course having 3 great engineers who had worked together previously saved time (team gelling) but also was a dream solution for the scrum master and the head of development, to the point where more projects were signed off, and even menial projects such as refactoring of an existing app were done in half the time due to the quality of engineering talent.

The Verdict

"All candidates that have been forwarded by Sandeep are second to none... not only great engineers but as equally important they are great team players that are willing to help, and proliferate their knowledge accordingly.. In short Tesco Bank and its customers will benefit greatly from professionals like these. If I was looking to recruit I would have NO hesitation to engage with Sandeep."

(Scrum Master - Tesco)

"Sandeep is not just another recruiting agency guy who pitches whatever resumes he comes across. Rather he only pushes candidates he clearly believes in. Sandeep has the necessary technology background to make those judgements. He has presented 4 candidates for my team and they are all world class team members! He simply recruits only the best in the industry. Sandeep will be my first go-to guy for everything team recruitment."

(Head of Development)

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