Software Engineering

Vertex Solutions have been working in the software engineering space since 1997. We therefore go from low resource environments such as C, Embedded, Real time through to modern agile development environments such as Java, Kotlin, Golang, Javascript, Node.JS etc. We work with innovators and so our client list covers investment banks, hedge funds, fintech, media, insurance, consultancies through to semiconductor and more embedded environments. Because we “get” software at its lowest level, we are perfectly placed to understand and support technology innovators within area’s such as Fintech, AI, Big Data, IoT, Wearables, and Open Source development. We work with clients to support contract resourcing as well as permanent hiring. Further our sister company Vertex Agility can provide full project teams either on or off site

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  • In Q1 we needed to increase our Engineering recruitment rate by 5, and increase the Cambridge team size by 50% in one year. This had never been done before. We changed our methods and I worked directly with Vertex giving them weekly access to the five hiring managers in 30 minute face-to-face meetings that I ran, and in which I encouraged direct, candid feedback on candidates. Communication was two-way, and Vertex could give us feedback on how well we were processing candidates, what their initial impressions were, etc. This system worked, and we exceeded our goals. When we were ahead of plan and we wanted to change the approach, Vertex was never pushy. They respected our wishes to change the way we were working courteously and professionally.

  • I am going through the process of reviewing and drastically cutting down the number of agencies I am prepared to use. I have been measuring the quality and productivity of all current ones. Of course I am keeping Vertex on the approved list, but I thought you might like to know how you're doing for us....Numero Uno, top of the class. Thanks for all the help so far.

  • Antonia is simply amazing. She really takes care of you seeking for a new job. If she promises to do something she'll do it and if something goes wrong she will let you know in time! She followed me in every step of my recruitment from the initial interviews until the starting date and even later to be sure everything was going well and I was feeling good. I'd recommend her to any of my friends looking for job and, in fact, I did!

  • Having had a very strong relationship with one of Vertex main competitors for some time I was unsure about the level of service and quality of candidates that I would receive from Vertex. My belief was that my existing supplier had the market covered and Vertex were just fishing in the same pool. This has been proven to not be the case. I have been using Vertex for nearly 2 years. They always respond to requests very quickly and it became apparent that they have ways of uncovering strong candidates that other companies do not. It is clear they believe that they are only as strong as the candidates they offer and pull out all the stops to find the best. I now view my key contacts at Vertex as good friends and not just a supplier. Their industry knowledge is strong and with their common sense approach they haven proven to be a very reliable and effective business partner.

  • I've recruited more than once through Vertex in different roles. They only trouble you with the cream of the CV crop unlike many recruiters who take a shotgun approach, passing the burden of pre-screening back to the employer. Most importantly though they have the knack of producing ideal candidates seemingly by magic. I've no hesitation in recommending Vertex to anyone hiring development staff.

  • We have been working closely with Vertex for almost 2 years during which we have hired 28 software developers, product managers, user experience experts and selected others through our close partnership. Our managers, recruiters and I appreciate Vertex’s ability to deliver pre-screened candidates quickly and over time their consultants have developed strong relationships with our hiring managers so that Vertex knows exactly what each hiring manager is looking for. Vertex has even provided several workshops on site for managers new to hiring- how to screen CVs quickly and effectively, Behavioral Interviewing techniques and others which have improved our ability to hire. Vertex is very fairly priced which has enabled us to use their full range of services to support our rapid growth. Vertex is an integral part of our hiring efforts at our fast-growing site.

  • They have great performance and delivery and understand the technology and mobile space considerably. Vertex are also small enough to dedicate resource and experience to each client to their requirements

  • I have used Vertex Services for the last 8 years and have been totally overwhelmed at the lengths they go to give great service. They have adapted and changed to suit current trends in the marketplace as well as us as an organisation. I have trust in Mark Beard to deliver on specific projects given to Vertex solely. Their ability to flex resource and offer market intel is exceptional.

  • As always, it has been a complete pleasure working with you and all your boys at Vertex. If only all agents were as endlessly charming, patient and tireless, my job (and that of the bods in London) would be so, so much easier!

  • We're very happy with your service. Quite possibly the only recruitment agency in the country that can be trusted.

  • What we did with our 2010 campaign allowed us to grab success from the jaws of disaster.. I still refer back to it, when discussing the value of a good relationship with a recruitment firm.

  • Vertex are top of my list at the moment! Offer swift responses to requests, always professional, contactable and friendly. Good quality candidates coming through.

  • Always happy to see Vertex… even if only for a coffee and an update!